About Us

Little Hands Pediatric Therapy is the expert in Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Education services in NOVA.

Our educated and experienced team of 12 therapists come to your home, school or daycare to provide personalized, high-quality therapy in Eastern Loudoun County and Western Fairfax counties. Sessions are a full clinical hour (50 minutes of therapy + 10 minutes of parent wrap up, documentation, and scheduling) and our therapists connect regularly with your child's teachers and care providers. With our younger clients, parents or caregivers are a part of every therapy session. The integrated, active routines-based approach successfully accommodates your child's schedule while learning real life skills in an environment where they feel comfortable.

We are on a mission to support parents and educators on how best to help the children in our community. Schools and daycares regularly invite Little Hands Pediatric Therapy to train their educators and staff. Social Skills Groups, Free Sensory Integration Sessions and Support Groups are also available.

We look forward to taking the first steps together in creating positive change in your child’s life – you are in good hands!

Services Provided:


Where do you provide therapy?
Why not therapy in a clinic/office?
What are routines-based interventions?
Who should be present for in-home therapy?
What does in-school therapy look like?
How can we make progress faster?
Do I need an evaluation?
How long is a therapy session?
Do you take insurance?
Why don’t you take insurance?
Do you charge for phone calls to my child’s network of care providers including pediatricians, psychologists, school therapists, etc.?
Can you provide in-service therapy at my child’s daycare or school?