Physical Therapy

Setting kids up for a lifetime of healthy movement.

Our highly-trained physical therapists work with children on a wide range of mobility and gross motor skills. We believe the involvement of everyone who cares for your child is an important part of the physical therapy process. We collaborate with parents, caregivers, teachers, pediatricians and other professionals to achieve the best outcomes for your child.


A physician’s prescription is required prior to the initiation of an evaluation and treatment. Evaluations provide baseline data, establish goals, and are used to track progress. During an evaluation the following areas can be assessed: Developmental Milestones, Gross Motor Skills, Strength, Balance, Coordination, Endurance, Posture, Head and Body Positioning, Gait Pattern.


Little Hands Pediatric Therapy treats children with a wide variety of diagnoses including, but not limited to, gross motor delays, torticollis, developmental delays, toe walking, autism, developmental coordination disorder, joint hypermobility, hypotonia, Down syndrome and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Physical Therapy Services


Evaluation of infants and toddlers including torticollis
Developmental milestones
Gross motor skills
Gait pattern


Gross motor skills
Playground and ball skills
Task-oriented movement therapy
Gait analysis and training
Exercise and strength training
Balance and coordination development
Torticollis treatment


Team/IEP meetings
School observation