Speech and Language Evaluation
Testing: $135/hour
Written Evaluation: $135/ hour

Feeding Evaluation
Testing: $135/hour
Written Evaluation: $135/ hour

Occupational Therapy Evaluation
Testing: $135/hour
Written Evaluation: $135/ hour





Speech and Language Therapy
$135 per session*


Feeding Therapy
$135 per session*


Occupational Therapy
$135 per session*





Consultations, IEP meetings, In-Person Team Meetings
$135 per hour




Sign Language Weekend Workshop- Group
Cost: $400

Current Topics for Educators
Cost: $425

Consulting Therapist
Cost: $200/First Hour, $135/Each Additional Hour (2 hour minimum)
30 minute phone consult prior to visit included

Individual School Screenings
Cost: $25 (paid for by the Parent)

Sign Language Education Workshop
Cost: $450

Effective January 1, 2018. Fees Subject to change.
*All therapy sessions are a clinical hour, which is 50 minutes in length,
followed by 10 minutes of note writing and appointment scheduling.



Little Hands Pediatric Therapy is often covered by out-of-network benefits. We recommend you call your insurance company to determine what percentage is covered for both in and out-of-network therapy. We will provide you with an itemized bill with all necessary information including diagnosis and treatment codes.

Commonly used insurance codes for benefits.


Assistance with Out of Network Claims

Need more assistance with benefits checks, authorizations, submission of claims and appeals of denials?  The Billing Spot is available to help assist our families through the insurance process.  Click HERE to learn more.