Developmental Screening Payments

Thank you for scheduling your child’s developmental screening with Little Hands Pediatric Therapy!
Please select from the following menu to purchase your screening(s).

What does a fine motor screening assess?

  • Fine motor skills - Manipulation of school materials and clothing fasteners
  • Handwriting - Pre-writing skills, pencil grasp, letter formation and legibility
  • Visual motor skills - How your child’s eyes and hands work together to form letters and shapes
  • Gross motor skills - Upon request

What does a speech and language screening assess?

  • Receptive language - What your child understands, such as following directions and identifying basic concepts
  • Expressive language - How your child uses words and language to communicate
  • Articulation - The speech sounds your child uses
  • Voice and fluency - Vocal quality, pitch, rate and stuttering

Following your child’s screening, you will receive a results letter indicating areas of concern and recommendations.

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